We make your life simpler and easier. Our most important service to our clients is our creative, effective solutions for your business’ specific technology needs and budgets. We gladly take on all of your IT headaches as if they’re our own.



Desktop Support Specialists are the first people alerted though the use of our Helpdesk system when you have an IT issue. Their abilities range from remote desktop assistance, providing support over the telephone and  troubleshooting issues with your computers, iOS Devices and servers. A remote session to your computer or a simple phone call will usually resolve the issue in a timely manner. Sometimes a computer issue requires a hands on approach and one of our support specialists will be deployed to your place of  business to help resolve the issue.

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IT Cost Savings

The amount of money Kinetic Technology Group can save your business as a result of years of our experience putting IT products to the test. Kinetic Technology Group is not only your technology vendor – as a Managed IT Services Provider we are your technology partner. We are always looking out for your bottom line.


Planning For The Future    

Every business needs to plan for the future in order to grow. Wouldn’t it be nice if your company had a magic crystal ball in which you could see the future of your business and IT trends? If you happen to find one please let us know. In the mean time Kinetic Technology Group with Managed IT Services can look at past and current IT analysis to help you more accurately predict what your company will require in the future. So, we specialize in helping you create a technology plan that will fit your business today and tomorrow.


Network Monitoring

Kinetic Technology Group uses the latest software technology to remotely monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which translates to maximizing your company’s uptime and minimizing downtime. Our network monitoring system scans the network for problems caused by everything from crashed servers and failing network drives to backup solutions and malware on your Mac or Windows laptop and desktop computers. 



Viruses, firewalls, passwords – we are the experts. As your Managed Service Provider we put our inner nerds to work to fix these issues and keep you protected. Keeping malicious hackers, Viruses and Threats out! Kinetic Technology Group will be your 24/7 network watchdogs. You no longer need to lay awake at night wondering if your company’s data is confidential and safe.