What is a firewall and why do you need it?

With cyber threats at an all-time high, network security is more important than ever. Protecting the computer systems of your business is just as important as installing locks and security cameras to keep intruders out. Having a firewall appliance device in place prevents malicious users from breaking into your network and stealing your data. What is a firewall and why do you need it?  

The Threat is Real

Any computer that is connected to the internet is at risk for an attack. Malicious software might divert a portion of your bandwidth for its use (to host pirated software, for example). Other attackers might try to bring down your network or delete crucial data. Online criminals may charge purchases to your company’s credit cards or even steal money from your corporate accounts. With the internet being democratized and increased computer know-how, more and more businesses may become threats. Even your competitors may be able to access your customer data, gaining an advantage.

Importance of A Firewall

The firewall is a key tool for network security, and no serious company can afford to operate without one. Luckily, these devices are affordable with numerous options available.

A firewall is a cornerstone of a network security strategy. It functions like a high-tech gate—it inspects the data that passes in or out of your company network to ensure that all the traffic is legitimate. A properly configured firewall allows legitimate users to access to all of the resources they require while keeping malicious programs or users out.

Firewall protection should be a part of your company’s overall computer security plan. Your plan may also include written policies about using external networks, data storage, bringing flash drives or disks from other computers, and other such activities. Aside from a robust firewall, you might also need to implement malware and virus scanners, encryption for your data-storage devices, business-class wireless security, email encryption, web content control, and spam protection. It is highly recommended to bring in an IT service provider to take care of the setup of your firewall and other critical IT security services if your company currently does not have expertise in-house (which most do not).

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