Securing SMB Wireless Networks

When choosing a wireless network for your SMB, whether you are upgrading to a more robust solution or building a new wireless network, there are many factors to consider such as wireless security, ease of setup, guest access and scalability. The most important of these factors is often security. Managed IT Services Dallas TX

Securing your wifi with authentication is not the only consideration. You will need to be concerned with who you are granting access to. Obviously your employees will need access, but there will be guests in your office who will need connectivity and possibly contractors or vendors. For non employee access to your wifi, you should have the ability to setup a Guest Wifi that will restrict the guest from the local network and data, only granting them access to the internet.

When setting up a new wifi network you must consider the possibility of advanced threats which can be used to access data from local storage devices and disrupt wireless connectivity, both of which are incredibly damaging to your business. Using both authentication and segmenting your wifi are crucial to keeping your data safe and secure. BYOD (bring your own device) is a top consideration when implementing best security practices for your wireless LAN. Not having control over the devices that access internal resources requires a new layer of security between the foreign end device and the wireless network.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 -- typically referred to as WPA2 -- is a security protocol that incorporates all of the necessary security elements found in the 802.11i IEEE security specification. WPA2 is the protocol that is most widely used for protecting your wifi network. You should also make sure that any local access to the WAP management requires a unique username and password.

In addition to securing your wireless network and WAP with the proper protocols and authentication methods another option is hiding your SSID (service set identifier) or name of your wifi, from the world to see. By doing this you hide the otherwise visible name of  the wireless network from potential malicious attackers seeking to gain access to your network and data. Only your employees and the trusted people you have granted access should know the SSID.

When choosing a new Wifi for your SMB, do your research and don’t settle for an easy to install consumer solution from your local computer store.

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