Hybrid Cloud Computing Delivers the Best of Both Worlds


Hybrid cloud computing comes with an array of benefits such as reduced deployment time and greater ease of use. This method of cloud computing has grown tremendously over the years, and in fact, 99% of businesses predict some of their IT systems and applications will be cloud-based in the next five years. But first, let’s dive into the differences between a public and private cloud. For public cloud services, the most commonly known platforms are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. A public cloud is based on the standard cloud computing model – one where a service provider makes resources available to users over the Internet. On the other hand, a private cloud (also known as an internal or corporate cloud) allows cloud computing capabilities with existing, on-premise equipment. Unlike public cloud services, which deliver services to multiple organizations, a private cloud is dedicated to your single organization.

A hybrid cloud approach provides a safe middle ground that allows for the best of both worlds. Here’s a simple overview of the hybrid cloud computing model.

What is it?

The hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud services and private, on-premise hardware. It allows you to manage a diverse mix of workloads – so you can keep some data in-house or on private infrastructure, and host other resources on a public cloud when it’s more appropriate or convenient.

Why does it matter?

A hybrid cloud system can be effectively leveraged for industries with variable workloads. Because you're given direct access to on-premise, private infrastructure – as well as public services – you're able to reduce latency and accomplish more, faster. Also, hybrid clouds do not have a single point of failure which can bring down the normal operations of an entire company.

How do I get it?

Building a hybrid cloud system for your organization requires the right timing, planning, and forethought. Choosing the right vendor to find solutions for your needs is highly advisable.

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