What to Expect from a Flat Rate IT Support Service

Today, many small and midsize business owners are moving away toward maintaining in-house IT staff, in favor of working with outsourced IT support services. Flat rate IT support presents you with a single fixed rate for a set of services you need, rather than charging hourly and potentially incurring overtime.

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For many businesses, paying for a full-time IT staff just doesn’t make sense. IT professionals are far from being cheap minimum wage workers, and their expertise and training command a considerable salary. In-house IT workers also may not be equipped to handle every situation, as “IT” is a broad umbrella term that covers a range of different technologies and skill sets. A software security specialist may not be as experienced at server and networking equipment installation. This is where partnering with an IT provider with a wide array of skillsets will benefit you greatly.

Flat rate IT support gives your business access to the services you need, at a set price that won’t fluctuate unpredictably or change unexpectedly. It’s more cost-effective than in-house staff, while affording you and your employees peace of mind.

Flat Rate versus Hourly IT Support

Some companies and consultants charge a flat rate for their IT support services, while others will bill you by the hour. The problem with hourly rates is that when something goes wrong, and takes an unusual amount of time to fix, the IT workers’ long hours translate into a higher cost. Flat rate services avoid this problem. In fact, with flat rate IT support it is in best interest of your IT provider to ensure your computer system and business applications are always functioning properly.

Flat rate IT services are distinguished by stable, predictable pricing, a clearly defined set of services, and scalable features. Some of the benefits of going with a flat rate service rather than paying a consultant hourly include:

  • You’ll have constant access to a dedicated “help desk” service, preventing costly downtime.
  • Your IT support will constantly monitor and maintain your systems, even when your business is closed for the night.
  • Your rate won’t change for overtime, or if more than one technician is needed, or if the IT support service brings in additional outside contractors.
  • You won’t be charged more for disaster mitigation or data recovery.
  • Flat rate IT services are scalable, and can support your business as it continues to grow.

What You’ll Get with Flat Rate IT Support

Flat rate IT support guarantees you 24/7 access to vital maintenance and repair services, regardless of overtime or the number of personnel involved. Some of the key services that you can expect from a flat rate IT service include: Server and PC Troubleshooting, Network Management, 24 Hour Helpdesk & Onsite Tech Support, Backup Solutions, 24/7 Network Monitoring, Software Update and Patch Installation, Network Security, Malware & Spyware Protection & Removal, and Hardware Installation & Support.

Essentially, managed IT services function as your IT department, but at a lower cost than in-house staff.

Your Options for Outsourced IT Services

If you run a small or medium sized business, a flat rate IT support service probably makes more sense than hiring full-time in-house IT staff or paying someone by the hour. At {company}, we offer a full suite of business IT solutions at a single, manageable flat rate that stays constant no matter what.

Give {company} a call at {phone} or email {email} and we’ll provide you with a fair monthly flat rate that gives you all-inclusive managed IT services.