Benefits of Kinetic’s Network Security

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Benefits of Kinetic’s Network Security

You already know how critical keeping your data protected is to your business. You spend your valuable time, money, and resources developing projects and new products and services for your customers. Unfortunately, hackers, viruses, spyware, and malware can steal, damage, or corrupt the data on your network. Here are some of the benefits of Kinetic’s Network Security. We monitor your network 24/7 so you don’t have to, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your data is kept safe at all times. Online threats such as viruses and malware are always evolving as hackers become more sophisticated, trying to find new ways around existing firewalls and antivirus products. Our team continually updates our network security processes, so we can adapt to new and evolving online threats and keep them away from your network.

Kinetic strives to make sure that your network is protected at all times. We will maintain the integrity of your servers with a deep data packet inspection that can keep viruses, malware, and other online threats from infecting your network. We’ll provide you with detailed usage reporting so that you know exactly what’s going on with your network security. Let our team at Kinetic get to work for you, securing your network and all of your critical data.


Network Firewall

Our network firewall solutions are specifically designed to let your authorized users move through your network while keeping out the unwanted viruses, malware, and hacker threats. Our network firewalls work on any sized network, regardless of how much traffic comes through on a regular basis.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

What use is a network security service if it can only deal with an online threat after your network has been breached? Our team at Kinetic can identify potential threats and keep them out of your network before they become an immediate problem adversely affecting your business. We take prevention seriously, acting proactively to keep our clients’ businesses up and running without work disruptions. In the rare event that there is a successful intrusion, we’ll notify you in real time and take immediate action to rid your network of the threat.

Gateway Antivirus

With our Gateway Antivirus service, we’ll scan all incoming and outgoing traffic from your network to determine if any files have been infected with viruses, worms, or malware. If we detect any potential threats, we will notify you immediately and block the file upon your request. Infected files can also be quarantined so that they never touch your network and expose your critical data to a virus. With flexible controls, you determine what actions your network should take based on file type, specific user or group, and the type of threat encountered.

Security Education

Cyber criminals are very smart and always changing their tactics to take advantage of your business and employees. CEO Fraud and Ransomware are big business for hackers, netting them billions of dollars just this year alone. Earlier this year Spyware made a comeback as a security threat repackaged in Adware which tends to be lower on the security threat level. Identifying Phishing Emails is not always easy. They are one of the fastest growing security threats facing businesses today. It is important to educate your employees on the techniques that a phishing artist will use to manipulate them. Kinetic Technology Group can educate you and your staff on Email Phishing, CEO Fraud and Ransomware so that you are equipped with the knowledge to know when these threats occur. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more costly. A big cost that is rarely calculated is downtime. When workstations and servers are down, it costs your company valuable time you cannot afford to waste. Putting a solid network plan in place will guard against threats and unwanted downtime.

Stay secure and save money by partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider that truly cares about your business operations and security. Kinetic Technology Group is simply the best managed IT provider in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Give us a call at (214) 269-1200 or click here to work with us.