Advantages of Migrating Email to O365

There are many advantages to migrating email to O365, here are a few that we feel are important for you to know. For those who do not know by now, Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud hosted solution for your company email as well as desktop applications including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. O365 is a subscription based solution and not only saves you money but eliminates the need for hosting a costly Exchange server on site.

Work From Anywhere

If you have an internet connection you can check email using Microsoft Outlook which is part of the O365 applications or through a favorite web browser on your Mac or Windows computer, iOS device or Tablet.  This is great for remote or contract employees who might use their own computer for work. Employees who travel will enjoy this feature with their work laptop, all they will need is an internet connection in their hotel or in the client's office to access emails and important documents. Because O365 is Cloud Based and highly secure there is no need for employees to access VPN to the company network before checking their email.

Latest Versions Up to Date

Unlike many software solutions which require you to run time consuming updates with downtime to your business, not to mention costly annual upgrades, O365 updates require little time from the end user or IT Provider and does not require a lengthy uninstall and re-install to keep your computers up to date with the latest and greatest versions and features. Compatibility with other computers or clients are not an issue with O365's ability to save back a version or two if needed.

Collaborate With Your Team

O365 offers many collaboration tools for business professionals. With O365 sharing capabilities there is no need to email documents around the office and possibly lose track of the latest version. You can easily add, respond to, and even track comments and status updates on a document. Keep your team in sync and up to date with the latest project emails and files all in one easy to find location. O365 allows your business and employees to keep moving forward as a team. Click here for a complete list of all collaboration tools that O365 offers.

You Are Secure With O365

With security threats in the news nearly everyday, businesses are concerned with email and file security. O365 has a very thorough set of security features which include Data Prevention Loss that complies with the strictest business standards and industry regulations. Mobile devices play a big part in how business gets done these days with employees using them anytime and anywhere. Using O365's Mobile Device Management (MDM) you can rest assured that your company's devices are protected by setting device security policies, access rules, and even wipe mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen.

Kinetic Technology Group is an Innovative Managed IT Service Provider for innovative companies and has extensive experience migrating businesses to Office 365 with great success and minimal downtime. If you would like to know more about migrating from your current email to O365, give us a call today!