5 IT Solutions to Get You Ahead of Your Competition


In order for you to grow your business and stay ahead of the curve, you must know how to think outside of the box. By being equipped with the best IT solutions suited to your unique needs, you can easily get your creative juices flowing to gain an advantageous lead over your competitors. Technology is always evolving, and business owners must realize the importance of keeping their business up-to-date with the latest IT solutions in order to grow more successful and competitive. Here are five IT solutions to help you hit your stride.

Reach Out to an IT Consultant

Your job is to oversee your business and employees to make sure everything’s running smoothly. You may not know everything there is to know about your IT infrastructure – and you’re not expected to! Don’t let inefficient and outdated technology distract you from focusing on the management of your business. With the help of an IT consultant, you can determine what IT solutions are needed to improve your daily operations, safeguard your network, and grow more productive. By allowing technology to foster your team’s efficiency and ability to be productive, you’ll easily outshine your competitors.

Adopt a BYOD Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend where people bring their own devices to work to access corporate data and become more self-sufficient. Often times, these devices are newer and much more advanced than corporate-issued devices, and since employees are familiar with their personal devices, they’re happier and able to work faster. An empowered workforce can help you service clients better and increase your bottom line – things that all add up to you coming out on top.

Consider Web Teleconferencing

Ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free customer experience is paramount to your competitive edge. You probably already have basic IT solutions in place like a website, an email system, and company phones. But there’s one technology that can dramatically expand your communications capabilities – teleconferencing. With IT solutions like VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you can easily engage clients, communicate with employees, and unify your business communications with simple web-based services. And you can do this all without buying special hardware or equipment – allowing you to spend more resources on becoming more innovative and competitive.

Utilize Cloud-Based Servers

Imagine being able to cut back your budget while continuously growing more powerful and productive. With cloud-based servers, you're able to diminish the upfront costs of hardware and receive the added benefit of technical support as needed. All the resources you require are available with a click and at a moment's notice. You can expand your working capabilities and crush your competition.

Make the Most of Remote Desktops

Remote desktop technology frees your workforce from the cuffs of the 9 to 5 grind. By offering employees a seamless connection to all of their sensitive data from almost anywhere at any time, your team has the freedom to work from home, during a move, or when they are out of town. Businesses that offer this flexibility to their employees are the ones that foster greater productivity. By giving employees a portal to their office to get work done while on-the-go, you can maximize your potential and leverage your competition to the fullest.

Here at Kinetic, we have helped many clients adopt custom IT solutions to grow more competitive and successful. For more information, please contact us for a free consultation!