4 Big Time Wasters


Another day has come and gone, but where did all the time go?

There are numerous distractions all around us that can have a huge impact on our productivity.

Using time wisely means that at the end of the day we will have more time and energy to do the things that really matter like spending time with family, getting that gym time in, or even just much needed rest.

Watch out for these common time wasters:

1.       Falling victim of the “rabbit hole”

Getting sucked into scrolling through social media, emails, and cute cat videos can add up to a ton of wasted time. Try deleting tempting apps that often take you down a deep rabbit hole and disrupt your daily productivity.

2.       Cluttered workspace

Physical and digital clutter can be a major distraction and cause you to feel overwhelmed and actually raise stress levels. Make a routine of clearing any scraps, trash or junk from your workspace and even get rid of random computer files or browser tabs that you are not using.

3.       Multitasking

Recent studies have found that most people are actually LESS productive when they try to multitask. Consider focusing on the most important things first and you may notice you’re much more efficient.

4.       Not being willing to seek help

Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help or admit that you can’t do it all. Delegating tasks, asking for help, or hiring extra support does not mean you are less awesome. It means you are being smart and valuing your time!


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