Being a Good Steward of Your Company’s IT

Good Steward Pic.jpg

In this series of blogs we have been talking about being a good steward of your business. While there are several ways to be a good steward, one of them from a technology view often rears it’s ugly head, being a good steward of your company’s IT. How do you do that? Part of it is making sure your employees have the latest technology at their disposal. New technology can help with lowering downtime and keeping up with client demands and meeting your goals. Even though you have the latest and greatest computers, network and smart devices can also mean you have new learning curves and possible downtime while you upgrade. 

Often times in small businesses we see the IT duties fall to the person that is the most technical. But wait! They also have another job to do in the company. Over time your company grows and sooner or later your employee with the most technical knowledge is not able to keep up with troubleshooting everyone’s issues and do the job they were hired to do…something has got to give. One of the keys to being a good steward of your business is managing your assets, in this case your people. One of the best ways to do that is to allow your employees to do what they do best, that is why you hired them after all isn’t it…to grow your company’s influence? By outsourcing your IT to a professional IT Service Provider you will free up your employee to do their job, relieve stress from their daily work flow and ultimately make all your employee’s happier as their IT needs, or pain points are being remedied. 

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