iOS 13

This week at WWDC Apple announced big changes and improvements to their latest iOS 13 operating system for iPhone available this Fall. Here are some of the highlights.


Apple reports everything should be faster. iOs 13 improves the speed in which apps load, up to twice as fast. And smaller apps should download in half the time. Face ID will take 30 percent less time to unlock your iPhone. You will also be able to download larger apps - over 150mb - over your cellular data without needing to wait for a wifi connection. 


Apple will give us a more secure alternative to familiar social sign in buttons, like Facebook. Instead of linking your external accounts to giants like Facebook and giving them more data, the Apple sign in button will allow you to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID. When using this sign in button with any service that requires an email address, iOS 13 can use any of your stored email addresses or randomly generate a “dummy” iCloud address that can then forward messages to your account. You will have the ability to stop these forwards and delete the account whenever you want.

Dark Mode

Familiar with Dark Mode for your Mac OS? Well, as expected Apple has brought this feature to iOS 13. Dark Mode will have an easy on/off button in Control Center and will feature a new set of Dark Mode optimized wallpapers to maximize the effect. Dark Mode will minimize the amount of output by your phone in menus and apps by turning them black or dark grey.

Swipe Typing

Finally iPhone users will have access to the swipe style typing in all apps that Android users have had for years. You can simply drag your finger from key to key instead of tapping. Fans of this feature are rejoicing. 

Apple Maps

Apple has overhauled the mapping data to generate Apple Maps. This new version claims to offer more detail in addition to more points on the map. Included with the maps overhaul is real-time transit and airport information keeping travelers happy and in the know.

Photos and Video

The Photos app is getting a complete renovation and will offer machine -learning augmented curation tools which hide the mundane but useful images of receipts, screenshots and duplicate photos so you can scroll through the images you really love like friends and family photos. Now you will be able to edit videos just like you do with your photos like rotating, adding filters and color balancing. For the iPhone videographer this is a much needed upgrade.

Keep your eye out for a public beta release coming in July and a full public release in the Fall of 2019.