How Safe is Your Company’s Network

IT Secturity.jpg

Here is a short list of questions each large and small business needs to ask themselves when it comes to the security of their company’s IT infrastructure - mainly your computers, email, data and network.

Are your computers, servers, network/cloud file storage and all business critical systems backed up daily?

Are your computers and network protected behind a robust firewall?

Do all of our employees get fast and professional support at all times?

Do you worry about your technology needs and employees being able to focus on what they do best?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might need to think about evaluating your company’s IT and it’s support. If your company’s IT was tested for performance, uptime, security and disaster recovery…would it pass with flying colors? Chances are it will not pass in all areas of a thorough assessment. Even with the highest level of  security there can still be weaknesses in your company…mainly your employees. But don’t fret from all this doom and gloom, we can help! Kinetic Technology Group has years of experience building strong networks and with our security training your employees will be equipped to spot fraudulent emails which can potentially save your company thousands of dollars and loss of data.

Take our short and free IT Assessment at, then Schedule a Call so we can discuss the results with you. You will rest well at night knowing your company’s data and network are protected, keeping them safe from unauthorized access and attacks.