Ensuring Rock-Solid Online Protection

Protect Yourself and Your Business: Why Cybersecurity in 2023 Matters More Than Ever

Cybersecurity in 2023 Matters More Than Ever
Online security is all about adaptation. Each passing year brings new ways for criminals to access your vital information – which means that in 2023, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever before. For businesses of any size, staying ahead of these trends with the proper security measures is paramount as the methods to break through your existing security have become more nuanced than ever.

Here are many reasons why ensuring rock-solid online protection from these threats should be your priority in the new year.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more ubiquitous, its use case can become as useful as it is dangerous. While AI can be used to bolster existing cybersecurity efforts, it also can be used as a tool to easily develop smart malware and security attacks that bypass existing protection methods. It will be crucial to utilize artificial intelligence on the business end to stay one step ahead of such attacks. AI-powered threat detection systems can act as a first-warning system, staying one step ahead of potential breaches.

Mobile Devices Trending to be Targets

With handheld cellular phones, tablets, and smartwatches having similar processing power to many work computers, experts agree that it’s only a matter of time before these devices are targeted by hackers on a more widespread level. Protecting your business and information across all devices is high-priority this year. Additionally, companies are leveraging the convenience of automated SMS text messaging for customer support, promotions and sales. While mobile messaging makes for great marketing, do not overlook the protection needed when integrating such systems and softwares. Viruses, malware, and phishing scams will be looking to make the jump to mobile phone operating systems, calling attention to a need for updated mobile security technologies. 

Cloud-Based Services Faltering

As more and more companies rely on cloud-based computing and storage to manage customer information, the greater the risk of these cloud systems eventually having breaches. No cloud system is perfect – vulnerabilities that seem to appear out of thin air are simply the result of a hacker knowing exactly what to look for. In addition, varying levels of experimental technology being leveraged by companies of differing experience levels means upstart companies could be exposing themselves to unnecessary risk. Look into our powered cloud managed services to ensure a secured and streamlined process.

Potential for High-Tech Automotive Hacking

The technology found in automobiles in 2023 looks nothing like what was found in vehicles just five years ago. Thanks to the emergence of bluetooth and WiFi technologies being harnessed in automobiles, the driving experience has never been more seamless. Unfortunately, these same advancements bring a major possibility of these features being hacked. From gaining control of door locks, microphones, self-driving capabilities – and everything in between – protecting yourself from security threats while in your car or truck is unfortunately of the highest priority in today’s world.

Insider Threats – Whether Directly or Indirectly

According to a report by Verizon on cybersecurity trends, 34 percent of attacks were carried out by employees themselves. While surely some of these breaches were done maliciously, Verizon noted that many happened simply due to existing security protocols being indirectly, accidentally, bypassed. In 2023, employee awareness is of utmost importance – nothing is more embarrassing for a company than for its own security to be breached by an enterprising employee who happened to stumble upon outdated credentials or firewalls. Get protected with a solid infrastructure and let us monitor your network and server. By optimizing your technology solutions, you’ll have less workflow interruptions or accidents. Promote IT services and support to your team to let them know they have a resource!

How We Can Help

With so many aspects of your business to tend to, it’s advisable to let laser-focused professionals handle the cybersecurity concerns that are looking to trend in 2023. That’s where we come in. All it takes is one data breach, one leak of confidential customer information, or one exploit in your cloud-based architecture to sound the alarm and put the entire business at risk – not only from a compliance standpoint, but from a public perception standpoint as well. Kinetic will partner with your business and walk you through the steps of creating a stress-free and secure system that will make sure that you will be covered for the cybersecurity threats that will trend in 2023 – and beyond.

Ensuring Rock-Solid Online Protection


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