Online Helpdesk

Online Helpdesk  is a crucial piece to out Managed IT Services and allows you to view everything right from your computer. You don’t even have to call us unless you want to hear a friendly voice on the other end. Once you input your secure login information, everything is easily facilitated and tracked by email. Just follow your online service ticket with real-time tracking, while we take care of everything remotely.

Need reporting for your company's helpdesk tickets? No problem! We can provide you with access to view tickets your employees have entered to give you a comprehensive view. This can be a valuable tool for tracking recurring issues to help your business for future technology training and streamlining new employee on-boarding.

We can customize our online helpdesk to fit the needs of your business whether you have 20 or 200 employees. It's like having a personal technology assistant at your fingertips. Give us a call for a free demo.