Network and Server Monitoring with Kinetic Technology Group uses the latest software technology to remotely monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year which translates to maximizing your company's uptime and minimizing downtime.

Our network monitoring system scans the network for problems caused by everything from crashed servers and failing network drives to backup solutions and malware on your Mac or Windows laptop and desktop computers. Using automated alerts Kinetic Technology Group will know when something is wrong with your system long before you do and we can fix the problem on the spot – we don’t even have to go into the office.

Kinetic Technology Group can deploy a range of management solutions to prevent downtime and frustration while keeping your company up and running like the well-oiled machine you want it to be. Network Monitoring is one of the many ways Kinetic Technology Group takes a pro-active support approach to maintaining your network, servers and computers while many competitors rely on break-fix. If you are tired of being the alert system to your company's IT provider then give us a call to schedule your free network assessment today.