Businesses leverage MX firewalls to ensure connectivity to multi-cloud environments and various locations.

The Meraki MX is a multi-functional SD-WAN enterprise and security appliance. Its various capabilities make it suitable for all businesses in any industry.

The MX appliance has three licensing options due to the wide variety of use cases. This allows businesses to choose the license that best suits their particular needs.

What are the Benefits of Meraki?

Meraki is a world-class cloud-based network management solution. It allows advanced integrations, including streamlined dashboards and security suites. Network administrators can manage the entire network infrastructure and devices in multiple locations.

Meraki relies on Cisco technology. This means it can integrate with other solutions like mobile device management platforms.

Meraki MX Firewall and Licensing

As businesses embrace digital transformation, automated services are now more vital.
Cisco Meraki MX firewalls simplify intelligent site-to-site VPN through Auto VPN. Auto VPN develops VPN routes through IKE/IPSec connecting with all IPSec VPN services and devices.

If there’s a connection failure, the resolution happens within seconds, reducing the downtime in remote access.

Every Cisco Meraki firewall also comes with SD-WAN capabilities. They enhance the performance of remote resources and operational costs.

Cisco Meraki MX firewalls have advanced security solutions, including:

  • Remote access connectivity
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Anti-malware
  • Intrusion prevention powered by Cisco-developed SNORT
  • Content filtering
  • Geo-based firewalling

Meraki’s Licensing

All Cisco Meraki products cannot function without a valid license. Meraki licenses ensure robust and intuitive streamlined management. They eliminate the complexities and costs of on-site wireless controllers.

The Cisco Meraki cloud effectively handles WiFi deployment throughout entire organizations. It enables distributed multi-site networks through:

Meraki licenses have varying durations, either one, three, five, seven, or ten years. We at Kinetic Technology Group will help you choose the best Meraki hardware with valid licenses of your choice duration.

If you have Meraki hardware and need only the licenses, our Cisco Meraki Dallas experts are ready to help you with subscription and renewal. We’ll help you determine the appropriate permit based on your device model and preferred license type.

MX Firewalls have three types of licenses:

1. Enterprise Edition

The Meraki Enterprise license features:

  • Basic security and secure connectivity
  • Essential SD-WAN
  • Centralized management
  • 24/7 support
  • Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover
  • Zero-touch firmware updates
  • Open APIs
  • True zero-touch provisioning
  • Automatic WAN failover
  • Sub-second dynamic path selection
  • Stateful firewall
  • Advanced Routing
  • Traffic prioritization or shaping
  • Uplink Load failover or Balancing
  • Site-to-site and client VPN
  • 3G / 4G cellular failover
  • MPLS to VPN Failover
  • Client connectivity alerts
  • Essential SD-WAN
  • Local Breakout (IP based)
  • Source-Based Routing

Most businesses can successfully manage the entire system using the Meraki Enterprise license. However, the Meraki Advanced Security system has more features that particular companies require.

2. Advanced Security

This license has all the features in the enterprise edition and additional benefits, including:

  • Fully featured unified threat management
  • All enterprise features
  • YouTube Content Restriction
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Geography-based firewall rules
  • Content filtering
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Umbrella DNS Integration
  • Web Search Filtering
  • Threat Grid Integration

The Cisco Meraki Advanced Security License is easily manageable. The License info page includes the:

  • Current device count
  • License limit
  • Expiration date
  • History, and
  • Status

Once you buy your license, you’ll receive a unique 12-character license key within 30 days of purchase. This key will help you activate your permit, so ensure you use it before the 30 days expire.

3. Secure SD-WAN Plus

This license has all the above features and extra ones, including:

  • Smart SaaS QoE
  • Advanced analytics with machine learning enabled by Meraki Insight
  • WAN Health Analytics
  • Smart breakout
  • VoIP Health Analytics
  • Web App Health Analytics
  • SD-Internet

It’s essential to note that some MX firewall models have both wireless (WiFi) and wired versions. Each version has compatible licenses, so it’s best to confirm that the permit you intend to purchase will work with your device model.

We live and breathe business IT solutions at Kinetic Technology Group, so we excel at license compatibility. Get in touch today and allow our experts to guide you along the process.

MS Switches and MR Access Points

All MS Switches and MR Access Points need Enterprise Edition licenses to function. MR access points can work with any Enterprise Edition access point license. However, MS switches only work with Enterprise Edition licenses specific to the device model.

Enterprise Edition licenses ensure:

  • Robust multi-site management tools
  • Intuitive browser-based dashboard
  • Cloud-based streamlined management, terminating the need for on-site hardware control.
  • Automatic alerts, network monitoring, and RF optimization
  • Network-wide control and visibility
  • Non-disruptive security and firmware updates
  • Vast scalability, like up to 10,000 access points
  • Out-of-band control plane that ensures reliable connection because the network traffic doesn’t move via the cloud

Remember that Meraki Firewall and devices will not function without proper licensing. Thirty days before your license expires, you’ll receive a notification and another email reminder three days to expiry.

You only have to add valid licenses to reactivate your account if your license expires.
It’s essential to ensure your license will be compatible with your hardware. Work with our team today and take the guesswork out of your Cisco Meraki security Dallas.

What is the Cost of Meraki Licenses?

The cost of a Meraki Advanced Security and Meraki Enterprise license varies based on the duration or term and products. Generally, advanced licensing is more expensive than Enterprise licensing.

Longer terms have lower annual product costs, but you’ll have to honor the period. Since Meraki costs are often unintuitive and expensive, working with experienced Cyber Security Companies Dallas is the best move.

We’ll help calculate the devices your business requires and the appropriate term. Our experts will determine how much you’ll incur depending on your product and help you optimize cost savings.

Prioritize Cyber Security for Your Business

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