In a nutshell, the Kinetic Staff is a smart, creatively thinking team you can always count on to meet your technology needs. When you work with Kinetic, you don’t get a bunch of techno-nerdy eggheads. You partner with a group of like-minded people who actually understand what it is that makes you – and your business – tick.



Founder & CEO

Jim is the fearless leader of the Kinetic Team. He founded Kinetic more than 2 decades ago with one simple purpose: make technology do what it promises to do. He has spent the last 21 years doing just that. Every IT system Jim mans is fully subservient to its owner. When Jim isn’t reveling in new technology, he spends time with his wife Julia and their two sons.


Chad Thorne

Chad bought his very first Mac as a senior in high school and hasn’t looked back since. To him, pushing the limit involves figuring out just how far he can push the performance on a Mac and testing his own IT knowledge and capabilities all the same.This Cowtown native is super handy when it comes to configuring and deploying business networks, and is even one of about 14 people on the planet who actually knows where ALL of the wires go.


Chris Davis
Technology Specialist

As a former member of Geek Squad, Chris picked up quite a bit of his technical know-how as a part of that team. But his can-do attitude and desire to always learn and help clients is what helps set him apart at Kinetic. With a passion for building PCs and learning how anything that uses technology works, Chris has become an integral member of the team. Fun facts about Chris, he finds doing jigsaw puzzles relaxing and absolutely loves cooking.


Ty Bigsby
Sr. Support Specialist

Before landing at Kinetic, Ty spent his formative years at Apple as a sales specialist but developed a passion for the IT side of Apple and quickly worked his way up to become an Apple Computer Genius. He is excited to continue expanding his IT skills with Kinetic Technology Group. Ty enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding as well as cooking and reading. He has been to every state in the US and traveled extensively to other countries, his favorite being Italy. Ty is an active member of  his church where he serves as a youth leader.


Brett Harryman
Business Development

Brett has been with Kinetic since he was 6 months old - seriously. He’s always been here, just not always as an employee. Brett has quickly learned the ropes and has developed a reputation as someone clients know they can count on. Brett loves being able to share his knowledge about how Kinetic Technology Group can help grow your business. When Brett’s not in the office, you’ll likely find him on the golf course, playing drums, or hanging with his dog Duke.


Kyle Horton

Kyle is our numbers guy. He is of the small variety of people who actually enjoy making spreadsheets and punching away at the calculator. His passion for math and helping people led him to joining the Kinetic Team as our newest Accountant. Kyle has a strong faith and in his spare time you can find him at home or at church with his wife and two daughters. 



Julia Harryman
HR Director

So technically Julia Harryman does’nt have an IT story. She joined Kinetic Technology Group early in 2012 to be the resident Efficiency Specialist, which is more of a behind-the-scenes role. Drawing on her Masters in Education for Technology Leadership, six years in operations at Sam's Club, and a steady supply of Diet A&W Root Beer, Julia keeps us in line and helps the company run more smoothly with her keen ability to streamline processes.