How to Improve Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

Data Privacy Laws

Data privacy laws are becoming increasingly important as businesses collect and use more customer information. As an IT company, it is paramount to comply with data privacy laws to protect customer information and maintain customer trust. Data privacy and compliance support have been in high demand this year and for good reason. Let’s discuss how your business can implement best practices to improve compliance with data privacy laws.

The first step in improving compliance with data privacy laws is understanding the applicable laws. Getting familiar with data privacy laws’ legal requirements and obligations is essential, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The FTC Act for Consumer Security and Privacy Enforcement. Your business may need to comply with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, or other regulations. These laws must be clear for your business and team to ensure your company is always compliant without interruption, fines, or litigation. A process like our Compliance Management System will make staying up-to-date with data privacy laws, and regulations changes easier.

Once you understand the legal requirements, assessing your current data privacy practices is important. Conducting a privacy risk assessment will help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your data privacy practices. Our multi-layered approach will help you develop an action plan with recommendations or implementations for solutions that address gaps in your current systems and eliminate non-compliance.

Improved Credibility 

Implementing privacy policies and procedures is another critical step in improving compliance with data privacy laws. You should establish and enforce clear policies and procedures for collecting, using, and storing customer information, and making it transparent and accessible improves your credibility with customers. Your policies and procedures should also address how to handle data breaches and security incidents, including notifying customers and regulators as required by law. Your reputation is on the line, and a Compliance Management System can help you keep it intact.

Awareness and Training

Training employees on data privacy laws and best practices is strongly encouraged. Employees should be aware of their obligations under data privacy laws and understand the importance of protecting customer information. Providing regular training and updates to your team on privacy policies and procedures can help ensure that employees are knowledgeable on data privacy practices and well-informed to spot red flags.  

Access Control

In addition to internal practices, evaluating your third-party vendors and partners is fundamental. Third-party vendors may have access to customer information, and it is crucial to ensure they comply with data privacy laws. Conducting due diligence on third-party vendors and including data privacy requirements in contracts and agreements can help mitigate any potential risks. By creating control of access at a foundational level, you will have an extra layer of protection. Plus, you will want a procedure implemented to identify who needs access and who doesn’t. 

Finally, review and update your data privacy practices regularly. Data privacy laws are continually evolving, and keeping changes or new legal requirements current will save you headaches in the long run. Failing to comply with federal regulations can be an expensive risk to your entire business. Regular reviews of your data privacy practices help ensure you continuously improve and enhance your practices to meet legal requirements.

Compliance with data privacy laws is a must for any business. You can improve compliance and protect customer information by understanding legal requirements, assessing current practices, implementing policies and procedures, training employees, evaluating third-party vendors, and regularly reviewing practices. By taking these steps, your company can build customer trust and maintain a strong reputation for protecting customer privacy. 

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