Desktop Support

Desktop Support Specialists are the first people alerted though the use of our Helpdesk system when you have an issue with your laptop, desktop computer or server. Our Support Specialists duties range from remote desktop assistance, providing support over the telephone to troubleshooting issues that arise with your computers, iOS Devices and servers. A remote session to your computer or a simple phone call will usually resolve the issue in a timely manner. In some cases an computer issue requires a hands on approach, when this happens one of our support specialists will be deployed to your place of business to help resolve the issue.

At Kinetic Technology Group our approach is to take care of everything from the second you take your computer out of its box to its last few clicks of life. As a Managed Service Provider we take care of software updates, hardware upgrades, proactive anti-virus monitoring, start-ups, setups and backups. We oversee and implement all of the necessary maintenance on-site and remotely to ensure that your computer lives a long and healthy life.

Kinetic Desktop Support uses a proprietary remote desktop management system for maintaining your computer so it performs at maximum capacity. Using our system we can remotely manage your computer so that it has the latest and greatest approved software and updates, virus protection and ensure that your computers and servers are backing up your critical data on a daily basis.

With remote support, most of the maintenance that computers require can be managed in the background which means less downtime and more productivity so you can focus on your job and what you do best. If you would like to know more about how Kinetic Technology Group can provide your company with expert IT Support give us a call today!