Kinetic Technology Group

Innovative IT Services for
innovative companies

We provide technology services that focus specifically on the needs of your company.


Free up time

Technology doesn’t sleep, but you should. Stop wasting your valuable time worrying about the technology needs of your company and focus on what you do best.


Remove Anxiety

With a diverse team of technology experts on your side you can rest easy knowing that your business is secure, efficient, and up to date on the latest trends.


Business Growth

By using these services, you will free up lost time, remove all anxiety and quickly see the growth your company deserves.


free up time with three simple steps:

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How much does it cost? Providing value is our priority, that's why we've created three simple price plans for you to choose based on your strategic plan and the equipment that is supported.

Do I have someone I can call directly? You will always have a direct connection to our team! The primary method is through our Help Desk, but a good old-fashioned phone call is great too!

I like to pay for work hourly, do you provide options for that? Pricing should be straightforward and easy. We created a simple monthly billing solution that compliments your budget and saves you time.

Do I have to sign a contract? No contracts are required! Your goal is achieving a return on your investment, and we are not successful unless you do.

What happens when I need help after hours? Technology doesn't sleep, but you should. However, if you need something outside of business hours we understand. We'll tailor a specific process that works best for you.