Jon Taylor

The IT Story:

Jon Taylor has been a Mac aficionado and expert since he began tinkering with his first Mac in 1990. A founding member of Kinetic in 1997, he’s become the in-house server guru, and all around go-to guy.

The Full Story:

Jon grew up as a normal boy, doing normal things in a normal way. But that all changed one fateful day in 1990 when he made the seemingly innocuous purchase of a Macintosh LCII. Suddenly, he found himself in the throes of passion, inspiration – and an insatiable desire to know more. The obsession lasted until 1995 – when it became a full-blown infatuation that took his life in an entirely new direction: working as a Mac IT consultant. By turning his hobby into a career, Jon has managed to perpetuate his love affair with all things Mac for over a decade. Over the years, his affinity for Apples has spilled over into a general thirst for technology of all kind – and he still spends his days harnessing it to create unique solutions to everyday problems.

When he’s not techno-probing his way through work and life, Jon enjoys playing with the kiddos, cooking and brewing homemade lattes for his wife. And, like all Kinetic-ites, Jon has a penchant for music – and has been jamming out on guitar and drums for his church band for the past 10 years.