IT Support: 4 Tips for All Mac Users

Whether your computer is brand new or many years past its prime, you’ll always encounter a problem with it at some point in time. Macs are pretty easy to maintain, with a user-friendly and streamlined interface, but you still have to deal with all the common computer problems that arise over time. Some reoccurring problems include sudden slow downs, defective apps, misplaced files, and more. Here are four IT support tips to help get your Mac back into tip-top condition.

Update your software regularly.

As you navigate the online realm, do you ever come across those annoying notification pop-ups telling you it’s time to update your computer? It’s easy to ignore these prompts over and over again – and totally understandable! Maybe you just got used to the layout of your current interface and all the applications that came with it. Or perhaps you don’t have the time or energy to relearn additional new features that accompany an update. But truth be told, there’s very little reason not to click yes and accept. By neglecting critical software updates, you could slow down your Mac’s performance and be more vulnerable to security threats – which brings us to the next IT support tip…

Always install security updates.

To stay protected against cyber-attacks and other malicious threats, you’ll also want to be sure to click yes to any security updates to your Mac. These updates should appear at the top of the list, and they are your main priority among all others. This is because hackers, virus developers, and other ill-intentioned individuals are constantly scheming new and inventive ways to attack innocent targets. Once downloaded, security software is only as good as the time it was developed, and it doesn’t account for newer and more evolved threats. By staying on top of all your security updates, you can save yourself from a host of potential problems.

Stop unused or irrelevant apps from popping open.

This is another great, time-saving IT support tip for Mac users. Once you figure out which apps you use on a regular basis, it’s worth taking the extra step and making sure that unnecessary apps don’t pop up every time you start your computer. To prevent this, go to your System Preferences and under Users & Groups, select the “login items” tab which will display a list of every app that runs at startup. Then you can go ahead and uncheck the ones that you never use. You also have the power to remove apps that you don’t need or want to be hidden.

Remove the things you don’t need and hold onto the ones you do.

Maybe your hard drive is starting to get full, and it’s time to remove some apps and files that you don’t need. A good place to start is your downloads folder, which can pile up a lot of junk over time. Before you go in and start deleting left and right, take a minute to see how the storage on your Mac is being used. To view your storage space, simply click the Apple on the top left corner of your screen and select “About This Mac.” There will be a tab called Storage that can tell you whether your storage space is being dominated by music, apps, movies, photos, or any other kind of file. A full drive can definitely lend itself to slowing your computer down, so be sure to clean out anything that isn’t of value.

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How an IT Consultant Saves You Time and Money

An IT consultant is your go-to expert in making sure your business technology aligns with your needs and goals.

Think of it like this – you’d rely on an accounting professional to handle your company’s finances or a marketing specialist to increase customer engagement. You should adopt the same approach when it comes to planning your technology infrastructure.

Here are the top four ways an IT consultant can offer in-depth experience and resources to help your business thrive.

1. Access Highly Specialized IT Experts

Let’s face it – technology can be extremely complicated. Especially in this digital age – with technology constantly changing – it’s an uphill battle just trying to keep up. New technological trends are always emerging and shaping various sectors of business. That’s why it’s best to leave your IT infrastructure in the hands of experts who know how to manage your assets efficiently and consistently. An IT consultant can answer any questions you have and simplify technology to make your work life easier.

2. Streamline Work Processes

An IT consultant can pinpoint holes in your existing infrastructure and figure out which solutions can help you get back on track. By giving proactive recommendations such as virtualization and cloud computing, you can figure out the best way to streamline work processes and improve workflow. This ultimately helps you increase efficiency and employee productivity.

3. Smart Planning and Budgeting

How great does the thought of predictable IT spending sound to you? With the help of an IT consultant, you can strategically plan and stabilize your budget. Outsourcing IT means you no longer have to dish out tons of money on an in-house IT team. In most cases, businesses will spend 25% to 50% less when they utilize managed services over the cost of even a single internal technology employee. You further save on expenses deducted from recruiting, training, turnover, and vacation days. With a dedicated MSP, costs are budgeted and controlled.

4. Return Focus Back to Core Mission

Employees perform best doing the things they are good at. With the help of an IT consultant, you can free up technical headaches and burdens that distract you from carrying out your essential day-to-day tasks. The time and energy spent wasted on figuring out technology can add up. By delegating your technology to an expert IT consultant, you can free up time and resources – getting your focus back on revenue-generating projects and opportunities.

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