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Managed Services or Break Fix?

Does your company need Managed Services or Break Fix? With innovations in technology such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and VoIP, companies are faced with making adjustments to their IT infrastructure in order to stay relevant. When it comes to choosing the right IT provider to give you support and coverage, there are many options to […]

Benefits of Kinetic’s Network Security

Benefits of Kinetic’s Network Security You already know how critical keeping your data protected is to your business. You spend your valuable time, money, and resources developing projects and new products and services for your customers. Unfortunately, hackers, viruses, spyware, and malware can steal, damage, or corrupt the data on your network. Here are some […]

Identifying Phishing Emails

Tips for Spotting Social Engineered (Phishing) Emails Identifying Phishing Emails is not always easy. They are one of the fastest growing security threats facing businesses today. It is important to educate your employees on the techniques that a phishing artist will use to manipulate them. The following is a list of key points to look for […]

Securing SMB Wireless Networks

When choosing a wireless network for your SMB, whether you are upgrading to a more robust solution or building a new wireless network, there are many factors to consider such as wireless security, ease of setup, guest access and scalability. The most important of these factors is often security. Securing your wifi with authentication is […]

Advantages of Migrating Email to O365

There are many advantages to migrating email to O365, here are a few that we feel are important for you to know. For those who do not know by now, Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud hosted solution for your company email as well as desktop applications including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. O365 is a […]

New Mac Pro is Not Quite Here

While we have had a long wait for the new Mac Pro we are going to have to wait a little longer it seems before we see a complete redesign, as the new Mac Pro is not quite here yet. Apple originally released the Mac Pro at WWDC in June 2013 and just recently brought […]

The Future of Wireless Technology

Everyone has had their own predictions for the future. This was evident especially after Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown traveled back into the future and landed in a highly advanced 2015. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, co-writers of Back to the Future Part II, did their best animation of what they envisioned the advancement of […]

Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services

In-house IT helpdesks, while historically were more familiar with the ins-and-outs of the company’s IT set-up and systems, usually require a large sum to start and maintain. This would mean added costs due to hiring and training IT experts, which is a rather heavy load for small to mid-sized business (SMB). For people with small to […]

6 Signs an Email Message is SPAM

6 Signs an Email Message is SPAM, If you have an email address, you have received a spam message at some point in your life. Spam filters are getting better and catching these bogus weight loss offers, deals on medications, and other sketchy offers, but no filter is perfect, and a few of these messages […]

5 Signs You Have A Virus On Your PC

Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are malware applications that run on your PC without your knowledge. They’re contained in software that packages PUPs with legitimate installation processes. You can also become a victim of PUPs by visiting a malicious website. Here are 5 Signs You Have A Virus On Your PC.   When a PUP is packaged […]

4 Tips Creating Secure Passwords You Can Remember

Given how valuable your passwords are, it’s important that they be secure, yet not too hard to remember so here are 4 Tips Creating Secure Passwords You Can Remember. Not only do passwords protect your Facebook information, your bank account and your e-mail account, but also many accounts linked to your credit card, such as […]

Keep Your Wireless Network Safe

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 1 in 5 small businesses falls victim to cyber crime each year, and of those, some 60% go out of business within six months as a result of the associated financial damages. Keep Your Wireless Network Safe Most small business owners are unaware of these threats, as 77% say […]

The True Cost of Business Downtime

In a recent survey, 78% of companies reported some sort of major disruption to their business operations in the past five years. On average the true cost of business downtime across all respondents was $204,850 per hour and the average cost for a small-to-medium sized business was $11,500 per hour. The numbers are staggering and […]

6 Reasons To Implement Cloud Backups

One of the most recent developments in this new world of online computing is the accessibility of cloud services. As with many tech buzzwords, “the cloud” can be used to refer to many different things, but in the context of data backup, it’s especially noteworthy. Businesses today can purchase server space in the cloud from […]

6 Tricks to Improve Windows 10 Performance

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest offering, has been recognized as a success and back to form after the disastrous Windows 8. Windows 10 performs better, it brought back the classic start menu, and it looks stunning when compared with previous versions. It’s possible to tweak some of the settings to get Windows 10 to run faster. […]

Is My Printer Really a Security Risk?

One of the most commonly overlooked resources in a network is printers. They may seem harmless and uninteresting to hackers, but printers are indeed a risk in an enterprise environment. So is my printer really a security risk? Document Theft Printers aren’t normally monitored in the same way as a critical server, router or desktop. Companies […]

5 Benefits You Gain with Offsite Backups

Disasters can strike a business at any time. Many business owners fail to prepare themselves from the devastating effects of data loss or employee sabotage. With viruses and malware becoming more sophisticated and easier to get, your business operations are threatened. We see it time and time again, an employee of a business using unsafe […]

What is a firewall and why do you need it?

With cyber threats at an all-time high, network security is more important than ever. Protecting the computer systems of your business is just as important as installing locks and security cameras to keep intruders out. Having a firewall appliance device in place prevents malicious users from breaking into your network and stealing your data. What is […]

5 Reasons Why You Need an Annual Risk Assessment

5 Reasons for Annual Risk Assessment Have you conducted your annual risk assessment? If not, you’re not alone. Many small businesses fail to perform an IT security risk assessment. Some business owners do not even know an annual risk assessment is actually required in their industry. A security risk assessment provides the framework for keeping your […]

What to Expect from a Flat Rate IT Support Service

Today, many small and midsize business owners are moving away toward maintaining in-house IT staff, in favor of working with outsourced IT support services. Flat rate IT support presents you with a single fixed rate for a set of services you need, rather than charging hourly and potentially incurring overtime. For many businesses, paying for […]

What Encryption Can Do for Your Business

Your business doesn’t have to handle top secret government files to need encryption. You have a responsibility to your customers, vendors, stakeholders, and employees to keep their data safe, and you need to protect your business information from competitors. To maintain your reputation, the people you do business with must have confidence in your ability […]

Kerio Control keeps your company network secure.

In today’s fast paced world of business, security is a major concern. Attacks on your network are inevitable with hackers constantly trying to gain access. Companies have numerous choices when it comes to network security and finding the right firewall to fit their needs and budget. Kinetic Technology Group is a Kerio Preferred Partner because we trust their technology […]

IT Support: 4 Tips for All Mac Users

Whether your computer is brand new or many years past its prime, you’ll always encounter a problem with it at some point in time. Macs are pretty easy to maintain, with a user-friendly and streamlined interface, but you still have to deal with all the common computer problems that arise over time. Here are four tips to help get your Mac back into tip-top condition.